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The "Data Input" lessons will be held online in Latvian - twice a week!

This opportunity is completely free of charge for anyone aged 20-29 who lives in Latvia and wants to acquire data entry skills to work remotely or semi-remotely in this exciting field.

The "Data Entry Operator" is responsible for the accurate entry and systematisation of data. You will learn how to prepare Excel documents, how to organise data, and how to manage information correctly and efficiently within the company. If you are also interested in this sector and want to develop your career in it, then take the opportunity and apply for the free "Go Remote" training!

Recordings will also be available after the lessons, so you can watch them again or follow your learning process. We will strive to create a supportive learning environment where we can build and share resources together. So, we'll work together on exercises to help you learn Excel functions better and put them into practice. You can ask questions about the exercises anytime on the shared community platform in the Slack app. All sessions will take place on Zoom.

Our goal is to make the remote job search process fun, efficient and successful. By investing your knowledge and effort in training, you will not only gain data entry skills, but also support and opportunities in the remote job field. Upon completion of the training programme, we will not only help you find potential employers, but also create an interesting and efficient process of further communication with them.

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Do what you love to do in today's world - remotely!

Anyone aged between 20 and 29 living in Latvia who wants to find a remote or semi-remote job in data entry can apply for free training.


In the training programme you will learn:

~ how to format documents in a clear and organised way;

~ templates for efficient data entry;

~ how to use Microsoft Excel functions and Pivot Tables to analyse data;

~ tools for filtering data, creating charts and graphs;


~ the basics of automating data collection and processing (Power Query);

~ communication skills to troubleshoot data management problems;

~ how to use new technology tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Web Scraper;

~ the importance of data security and privacy and how to handle sensitive information professionally and ethically.


Intensity: 30 h

Duration: 15 lessons | 2h lessons

Schedule: 2 times a week | Monday, Wednesday 18.00 - 20.00

If your goal is not only new knowledge but also a certificate of completing the training and you want to start a new job, we expect you to participate in at least 50% of the online classes and to pass the test! Your effort and commitment are the key factors that will allow us to succeed together in this training programme.

Learn in a modern way!

In the "Data Entry" training programme, you will not only learn the theory, but you will also be able to work with experts in the field to solve practical learning tasks that will help you navigate the specifics of the industry and acquire the basic skills of a data entry specialist.

A safe and supportive environment!

Together, we will create a safe and supportive environment during the training. To help you find an internship or a job after you have successfully completed your training, we will also offer you mentoring support after your training.

Get your certificate!

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate for your newly acquired knowledge and the opportunity to participate in free "Work speed-dating" events where you can meet representatives of well-known Latvian companies.

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